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Brushes with Destiny LLC is a visionary art enterprise dedicated to bringing art to life. We specialize in making a mark that lasts a lifetime by creating stunning murals that beautify, enrich, and inspire.



Founded as a creative partnership by artists Marcellus Hammond and Will McCullough, Brushes With Destiny (BWD) brings dynamic original murals and art to a host of organizations, homes, and commercial spaces in Central PA.

BWD has partnered with several talented regional artists and our impact-driven team is pushing  the boundaries of traditional art forms while exploring modern techniques and mediums. 

We are proud to deliver inspiring works while coordinating with our clients and patron through every step of the creative process.

Today we offer a wide range of creative services from modern and traditional mural painting to creative consulting and cutting-edge digital design. In addition, we also feature studio art sales and inclusive art education programs. 

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Art is our life long passion project.

We are inspired art advocates who know the impact that self expression can have in all of our lives. Our mission, purpose, and passion is to harness the power of creativity to transform lives. 

We ae committed to providing unique art for all opportunities to individuals, organizations, and communities through art education programs, community outreach, and much more.

So whether you are searching for a more artful image for your company, business, community, educator, or community leader, Brushes With Destiny is at your service. 

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