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Welcome to the heart of Brushes with Destiny, where creativity meets craftsmanship. This is your spot to get up close with our crew of artists, the creative geniuses who turn blank walls into breathtaking masterpieces. We can't wait to show you who might be painting your next favorite mural. Come on in and let's get acquainted!

Will McCullough 

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Meet Will McCullough, or "Mr. Will" as he's fondly known—a co-founder of Brushes with Destiny, whose art echoes the vibrant life stories created using the Earth itself. His specialty, Earth Art Story Scrolls, are more than just art; they're chapters of a grand tale, woven into the canvas with an intricate dance of collage and technique.


Each piece in his extensive collection invites you on a journey, with over 2,500 stories to explore. His passion for sharing the creative spark shines through in his dedication to teaching, guiding budding talents to find their own artistic voice.


Mr. Will's works are treasures waiting to animate your space—be it an original masterpiece, a vivid print, or a mural rendered on enduring materials like ACM panels or polytab. Bringing home a piece of Mr. Will’s art is like opening a book to a story that never ends, one that continues to inspire and engage with every view.

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Marcellus Hammond


Step into the color-soaked world of Marcellus Hammond, —a co-founder of Brushes with Destiny, whose works sing with the rhythm of life. His art, an inspiring blend of bold Fauvist colors, geometric Cubist shapes, and the soulful essence of abstract expressionism, captures the ebbs and flows of our collective experience.


Marcellus paints not just to decorate but to connect, using his canvas as a medium to weave tales of resilience and hope. His dedication as an artist extends to his role as an educator, where he empowers the next generation with the transformative power of art.

Each of his works—available as original pieces, prints, or mural-sized installations on ACM panels or polytab—stands as an invitation: to ponder, to reflect, to be part of a larger conversation. Marcellus's artwork promises to turn any space into a hub of inspiration and a beacon of beauty, fostering a sense of community and shared humanity.

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