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marlin's subshop

date. june 2023

city. sunbury, pa

size. mural painting 60ft x 40ft

LumixSync_copy_2023-07-14 14_16_23 +0000JpegFile.heic

This vibrant mural at Marlin's Sub shop, a beloved sandwich spot in the Sunbury, PA community, celebrates the stunning beauty of the Susquehanna River and the joy of living in this area. We infused the wall with bold, lively colors to add character and vitality, paying tribute to the local landscape that inspires us all. This project is a visual expression of our appreciation for the river's enduring beauty and the lively spirit of Sunbury.

Another exciting feature of this mural is the use of augmented reality, which brings the artwork to life, allowing it to share stories and interact with viewers. This dynamic element transforms the mural into an engaging experience, deepening the connection between the art and its audience.

What is augmented reality (AR) ?

Augmented reality (AR) adds cool digital stuff, like images or animations, onto what you see around you through your phone or tablet. To use it, you just scan a QR code with your device’s camera. Once scanned, the digital content pops up on your screen, mixing with the real world in front of you. It's like bringing a video game or a movie into real life, making everything more interactive and fun.

Try out the AR Mural Experience right now 

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