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susquehanna university

date. January 2024

city. Selinsgrove, PA

size.  20ft x 15ft on Acm pannels 


At Brushes with Destiny (BWD), we recently wrapped up an incredible mural project at Susquehanna University, and it turned out to be something truly special. This mural wasn't just about making a space more beautiful; it was about weaving together the rich tapestry of stories, backgrounds, and perspectives that make the university community so vibrant. We chose durable Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) panels for this outdoor masterpiece to ensure it stays vivid and meaningful for years to come.

What made this project unique were the Story Sessions. We invited students, faculty, and everyone in between to share their experiences and insights, which then inspired the mural's design. It became a collective expression of the community's heart and soul. Plus, we introduced an interactive twist with an Augmented Reality (AR) component, turning the mural into not just a piece to admire but also to engage with.

The feedback has been overwhelming; the mural has sparked conversations, inspired creativity, and fostered a sense of unity and empowerment across campus. For us at BWD, it’s more than just art—it’s about creating lasting legacies that celebrate and bring communities together. This project at Susquehanna University is a perfect example of what happens when art meets heart. 

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