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custom metal coating

Date: September, 2023

Location: Sunbury, PA

Size: 17ft x 48ft


Our race car mural for Custom Metal Coatings in Sunbury, PA, captures the high-octane thrill of the local racing scene, celebrated for its proximity to the famed Selinsgrove Speedway. Painted on durable polytab and installed with precision, this dynamic mural is a nod to the area's deep-rooted passion for motorsports. The artwork bursts with energy, featuring bold colors and dynamic imagery that reflect the excitement and speed synonymous with racing. It's become a beloved landmark, resonating with locals and visitors alike, and celebrates the community's love for the racetrack. This mural not only adds a visual adrenaline rush to the streets of Sunbury but also pays homage to the vibrant racing culture that is an integral part of the town's identity.

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cmc pic 1.png
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